Jan. 5th, 2010

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It's almost my 27th birthday (January 18th) and well I have high hopes for this decade.

Today I just finished writing my biography that will appear with my literature review. I just need to figure out which picture of myself to submit with it and sort out an image that captures the concepts of the paper. Fun!

Also in less than 2 months I will have been married for a year! Wow. Time has flown by on that first year. I miss Venice, and I really want to see Venice in the snow! Also in April I will have known Sam for 3 years. In some respects that doesn't feel that long, or long enough, and others it feels like I have known her all my life.

I hope that in the next year I can get the funding secured to continue my post, or at least find a new one, and of course get more papers out and go on some good holidays (Versailles, Venice, perhaps somewhere eastern europe), and perhaps get something published roleplay wise.

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