Jan. 11th, 2010


Jan. 11th, 2010 01:13 pm
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So SInce last I posted
  • Bad news, my grandfather died. The funeral is this weekend. I was never that close to him. I just now worry what the aunts and uncles will be like towards their brother, my dad, now he has past. My dad now has the family home (his by inheritance from his grandfather but kept by my grandmother as she was the trustee). No one like this situation, even though my dad could not have altered it. I wonder what will happen now to my grandmother. Does she even know her husband is dead? She is currently in a home and is not all there.
  • Roleplay has been going well, if a little slow due to Xmas. But all in all the game is shaping up to be better than when I first ran it 3 years back.
  • Headed up to Manchester just before Xmas. Was great to see Stacey and Alan and Daniel (Sam's brother) and of course to see Sam's mum. Xmas presents were exchanged and much merriment was had. Got a t-shirt with Soundwave on it from Sam, and also from her a new wallet (damn I needed one for so long), fleur de lys cufflinks. From Barbara I got Season 1 of 'How I met your Mother', and the Bro Code (a book written by one of the program's characters). Add to that some money and I was able to get new plastik wrap trousers!
  • Had epic pizza at Olive Press in Manchester.
  • NYE was spent back in Herefordshire, down in Logaston where at the new house. It was fucking freezing in the place. I had the cold of death hit me the night before we left Leam, so spent most of Xmas dowing cold medicine, blowing my nose (leading to unpleasant/worrying bleeding and coughing up blood!), and basically eating food while looking at Book of the Dead for nWoD. I also got off mum some nice new Issey Miyake aftershave, a book on Non-Christian Xmas. Sam got a apron and book on baking off my mum (which we have put to good use already) and from Zoe some makeup. Xmas with my family is never epic but it's just nice. We ate turkey and pheasant on NYE but the pheasant was not gamey enough, as my dad pointed out that they had been hung up for a few days but the cold had stop them from maturing.
  • Since NYE we have watched it snow lots, baked cookies, written rpg stuff, and now Sam has won her self a nice new job at the Uni!
  • Oh and I bleached my hair last night. Almost all the red has come out. It looks somewhat flame like.

Needs another bleaching

One of the cat's at Sam's mum's place. This is Amber being fat and soppy.

Snow outside Barbara's house in Manchester.

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