Jan. 17th, 2010

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Have to write about the week that has gone by. It's been a mixed bag. The funeral was ok in the end, and though I felt a little out of place it seems that it's not me that seemed to be stoic. Seems I get it from my Dad. I will write up my thoughts on it all tomorrow when I have more time. It was Sam's first chance to meet many of my immediate relations, some of whom were friendly, and others it seemed did not want to know as 'they didn't get to come to our wedding, wah wah wah!'. I mean one of my cousins thought the wedding was a secret (no just that it was small). It's funny my Mum refers to herself as the 'witch that put a spell on their brother'. Seems Sam is seen in the same way. Anyway I'll write more tomorrow. Tonight is Being Human, some ironing, writing, and getting Sam ready for her first day at her new job.

Oh and tomorrow I am 27! Weird.

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