Mar. 19th, 2010

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Once more organised religion shows it's ugly face. We should remember a few words from the Kybalion, as through it we can have belief in ideas and something greater while not loosing rational thought.

'At this point, it may be proper for me to state that we make a distinction between
Religion and Theology–between Philosophy and Metaphysics. Religion, to us, means that
intuitional realization of the existence of THE ALL, and one's relationship to it; while
Theology means the attempts of men to ascribe personality, qualities, and characteristics to
it; their theories regarding its affairs, will, desires, plans, and designs; and their assumption
of the office of “middle-men” between THE ALL and the people. Philosophy, to us, means
the inquiry after knowledge of things knowable and thinkable; while Metaphysics means the
attempt to carry the inquiry over and beyond the boundaries and into regions unknowable
and unthinkable, and with the same tendency as that of Theology. And consequently, both
Religion and Philosophy mean to us things having roots in Reality, while Theology and
Metaphysics seem like broken reeds, rooted in the quicksands of ignorance, and affording
naught but the most insecure support for the mind or soul of Man.'

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