Mar. 22nd, 2010


Mar. 22nd, 2010 03:11 am
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So since the last time I have posted a life update a lot has been going on.


Two weekends back myself and Sam had a fun time down in London for Aiko's birthday. Due to the expense of going out in London we kept to drinking at her place, met her housemates and other friends in London, and proceeded to go the the club called Paradise (which is an opulent setting except for the moronic customers who also attend). The only real issue was getting back in the morning. Classic tube delays/cancellations leading to an epically long bus journey back to Marylebone.

Unfortunately in the last few days we have lost one of our hamsters, the whitest of the two, Bianca. She died in her sleep. I already miss her constant rustling about in her cage. :(




This weekend involved a long jaunt up to Manchester, and from there to Liverpool as we visted Sam's mum for her birthday (we got a canvas print of one of our wedding photos as her anniversary present to us), and to see her cousins baby (who I got to hold, I did ok in the end, we bought a cute leopard romper suit for him) and then to meet some old friends from my degree/PhD days (lots of pizza was eaten and it was good to know how everyone was doing and that we were all in the same boat with work etc right now). So a good few weekends. Also more funding applications are being submitted and so I just need to soldier on and wait and see if we get the funding.

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