Apr. 5th, 2010


Apr. 5th, 2010 12:00 pm
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So I am about to spend some time writing up some stuff for Vampire which is long over due, but firstly just a few words about the last week or so.


We've had trips to IKEA, which was ok as we figgered out which new items we wanted for the flat. Stuff like a nw cabinet and DVD case. Of course over the weekend Leamington and Coventry turned into the living hell holes for the materialistic maniacs that inhabit this shire, moving in roving herds, looking from shop to shop, in search of pastures green and sales.... saler??? Any way it was packed and made my brain fry. Last weekend was pretty much the same as we went to B'ham and so I have picked up a few items of new clothing and of course some Hotel Chocolat eggs (yum... yes very yum!)


On the work front things are moving forward towards the next paper or two, the next research grant is practically submitted (3 years funding) and we will then be reworking it for EPSRC. So hopefully one of the 5 or so grants will be accepted. If more well... thats the next few years secured! But for now I just have to act like they wont get funded and carry on with things.


As I said above Vampire is still going and still working and still getting hits on the forums and communities. The ebook for Manchester (the first few chapters, is still getting downloads each day proving that people want it, and from the few bits of feedback I have had, that it reads like a rougher version of a White Wolf book and looks professional.


Right now on with the writing!

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