Apr. 24th, 2010

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Ok, so today Sam got herself the iphone. First impressions are good and many friends already have this renowned bit of tech. However I have been getting used to the Sony Ericsson X10 which as now become a firm favourite of mine. I really like the interface and android is really decent with many useful free apps. So far I have only had to buy the one which allows for pdfs to be displayed fully.

So far the x10 has been better than the reviews (seems the test models were running a poor version of the final software). It's quick, responsive, a great display even without the htc desire's amoled, and really the lack of multitouch for now is now an issue.  The touch typing is easy, again i think complaint's are from from testers with fat fingers, i.e. non Japanese. Music and video play back is excellent, and the camera is just wow!

Other features is the excellent management of contacts and the management of twitter and such social networks.

Compared to the iphone the size is about the same but a bigger wide screen display, slightly lighter, nice non slip back, better looks (2001 eat your heart out) and of course none of the itunes hassle when you first set it up.

So yeah already this has made bus journies to work so much better as i can read rss feeds and gaming and work pdfs. In june there is the android update for it so it should get multitouch.

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