May. 7th, 2010

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So last night dear morpheus and the sand man welcomed me to a troubled sleep. My mind was stilled engaged in thought. Would the rise of dear hyperion, the great observer, the sun, welcome a new order or more of the same old tired politics?

The night of the count was more exciting than expected. Postal votes were missing, voters were in immense queues even if they had turned up early, even voting papers were running out. Politics was at breaking point and I used that had the grand concensus of Britain decided to let this happen. That our nightmares and uncertainty had crippled us? No matter the winner voting in future would change.

Right now i am tapping this out on my phone (doing it easier than imagined) as the bus sits in traffic. Where is everyone going today?

So what can we look forward to? Chaos? Anarchy? Brown may be able to give us what we do deserve, a Lib Dem cabinet member or two and some electoral reform. At 22% of the popular vote, the Lib Dem party has gained votes but lost seats. This is now such a broken system. The Tories think having the most seats nd votes is enough for power. It should not be so. They will hold neither a majority in the seats or the vote.

So here is Labour Democrats. You may well be what we all need. As for those of you who didn't vote, shame on you. If you agree with a party then back it up with a vote.

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