May. 10th, 2010

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So the news is focused on what will happen to the government. But there are a few things annoying me with the media.


1 - The media did polls that suggested the public wanted a hung parliament. However now they are acting like only one party should hold power.


2 - No one won! We got a hung parliament. The tories did not get a majority. Being the party with the most votes is not the same as a majority of votes or even seats in the House of Commons. The government then is formed from parties that together have the majority of seats, regardless of the result of the popular vote. It may mean the Tories don't get in but then even they did not win the election. So the media should stop treating them as if they won.


3 - Unelected leader. Brown declared he will resign. Fine. I don't like him but remember like all prime ministers they are never directly elected by the public to power. In fact a PM does not have to be leader of a party. Just command the respect of the majority of the commons. Now if his party is the majority then the two can coincide. But they actually don't have to. So once more we never elect PMs we just elect ministers who form parties. It is possible Clegg becomes PM.


4 - Brown is not squatting. He his bound by the constitution to remain as PM. There must always be a government.


Conclusion is it seems the media and our own population don't understand how parliament works and assume it is like a presidential senatorial method.

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