May. 18th, 2010

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So, since last time I posted anything meaningful I feel like I need to do an actual, proper, blog update, plus more.


Right, well first off the bat it has now been some weeks in 'smart phone land'. Need I say that I am now somewhat addicted to the device. It has meant that I now consume the web a bit differently. Such a device is very good for grabbing all your favourite RSS feeds and so information consumption is more fluid, bite sized and targeted. Also I have to once more stress how excellent the X10 is for displaying pdfs making my rereading of Werewolf: the Forsaken a lot easier on the bus. I do not have to lug about the 300 page tome. In addition to the basic feature there are a few apps that I have added that are useful. A lot of apps are amazingly pointless and redundant if you have any form of common sense.


Right, as for work, well that is getting better. I now have finished a new conformational search engine and will be testing it this week and the following weeks on simple organic systems (rings in particular), and then on more interesting metal containing complexes where chelation occurs. On the other burner is my never ending multi-objective parameter optimizer. We have now taken steps to not just move goal posts but change the pitch altogether, and so I am now looking at heme type systems where spin cross over occurs.


In regular life, Vampire has been on extended hiatus since one player has had major work upheaval but regular programming will commence soon and then Changeling will begin.

More regular life has included heading up to Manchester for a weekend and visiting old friends, and now just organising ourselves for Paris next week. I have been learning a little French, and with my wife's help it is far easier to get to grip with. I tend to find it easier to learn a language when you can understand the origin of their words.

So that's basically been it of late. But I plan to write more and blog more. In particular with the end of the Vampire chronicle coming up I was going to do a long dissection of how I run games, prepare and things I have learnt over the 15 years of gaming, along with posts on topics I find interesting. Not all of this will be cross posted everywhere however, as I don't think my livejournal serves the same purpose as my wordpress.


The next few gaming related posts will include;


- My gaming history and more - from Necromunda and DnD to working for the big GW, Vampire and trying to get something published

- Which Game? - What I've played, read, run and what I like

- Chronicle Concept - Just how do you go about putting one together?

- Plotting - Stories and episodes and what to plan and what not to plan

- Rules Rules Rules - what to use, when to not bother and when I roll dice and when I just don't.


There are more topics to add to that list plus some sciency type discussion when I spot stuff of interest that intersects pop science and my own research.


Right on that note some pictures perhaps and then I better do some work.




I wish I was in Corleone's right now sipping coffee and stuffing my face with a pastry.... oh but then they have that all in France.


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Edited to correct for shoddy punctuation on my part as I rushed to write this, this morning.

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