May. 19th, 2010

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This is quite mad but also really interesting. Once more a reminder that the human body does contain all the tools to heal it self from the afflictions that kill us everyday, the trick is making use of them in ways never thought of before.

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So back around 1994 a friend at high school introduced me to a game of superhumans and space orks. That's right, Warhammer 40000 2nd Edition. The game blew my little mind. It was chock full of dice, templates, minatures (though these are nothing compared to the things Games Workshop makes these days) and books. The books were not just rules but some of the most amazing graphic artwork and background material that described a universe where Humanity was under seige from a variety of aliens, daemons and renegades. I was hooked. However my parents were not so keen. GW was expensive even 15 years ago. So I had to make do with just using what my mate had.

So when another friend picked up Epic Space Marine, a game set in the same universe but using substantially smaller minatures so even larger armies could be depicted in battle, and he then got hold of Epic Titan Legions, and well I just bought the Eldar (space elves) forces off him and I had the start of my own army. This over time allowed for my parents to change their view of the games as they realized the social and educational value of them (we as a group of young boys started to become better artists, writers, readers and I was already a mythology and science geek). So finally I started to get the odd bits for my Eldar bought for me.


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So that is my 15 year gaming history... for now.





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