May. 20th, 2010

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So in my last post I laid out my entire gaming history. But for this one I wanted to talk more about something that was a major part of my life for about 3 years or so. Games Workshop. More importantly working for them.

It was toward the end of my first year of uni that I applied to work for GW. I had my interview at the Stockport store and pretty much aced it considering I had worked in shops before plus I knew everything about all games currently available, and my painting was pretty decent to match. As a result I got a job working key-time (zero hour contract meaning you got what hours you were given) at the Altrincham store. Coming back to Manchester after a Summer away and I started working there with my first boss (of which there would be 4 in total).

To begin with working at the shop is a good deal. Discounts (minis by weight!), painting and playing games. You of course have to learn how to run a store when the shop is small and the team is tiny, and so I became better trained than some full time staff in some other stores as I had to deal with cashing up and generally being in charge when no one else is about. THe other fun side of things I got to do was of course help teach kids how to play the games, teaching painting, teaching tatics, and in the course of all this explain what bits of military history I knew, science, mythology etc. Basically I was asked if I wanted a job as a manager once I graduated. I declined of course. But there was a time I would have taken them up on the offer.

The downsides were numerous. One manager just didn't command the respect of the team, hell I even complained. Plus we had one staff member that was racist and that never got dealt with. Then there is GW common sense. Being paid by the hour is fine, but having to travel for training on Saturday mornings when you were not working that day was shit. Basically the hour travel cost the hour you made. Also when the Lord of the Rings bubble burst GW changed it's tune, demanding us to act more like salesmen while not being salesmen (GW prides itself on not power selling, but when the shit hits the fan they push it as much as possible), plus all the other barmy stuff and as I said, poorly trained managers.

Ultimately I learnt a lot from my time at GW. How to manage a team, my confidence increased, my teaching skills to those younger than myself, my own planning skills and designing things for summer and holidays such as campaigns and tournaments and even new rules for the games in store. But, and this is a big but, GW sucks you in with promises of toys and sweeties, but spits you out when times get hard. The battle lines of GW stores are covered in staff who have fallen or got burnt out in the name in Emperor.


Armies I have owned:

WH40k - Tyranids, Tau, Orks, Chaos Nergal Plague Marines

WH - Tomb Kings, Chaos Warriors

Warmaster - Tomb Kings, Empire

Necromunda - Spyrers, Van Saar

Gorkamorka - Gorkas

Blood Bowl - Humans

Warmachine - Khador, Cygnar

Confrontation - Dirz

Epic - Space Marines, Tyranids

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos


A sample of my painting from a while ago. I am no longer this good.


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