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Sep. 2nd, 2009 02:19 pm
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So this weekend just gone by myself and Sam returned back to Kington, in deepest darkest Herefordshire, to stay at my parents. It's the first time back since we got married. It was an ok journey back, even though the train website suggested a really stupid route. So into Birmingham and then back out was the route. We arrived in Hereford at around 9 so thank the gods mum went shopping for food before hand.

It's now quite different going home. I no longer really feel like I'm treated like a child, something that my Dad reinforced on Sunday.

So of course we had to deal with the normal rant about the town, people doing stuff on the council that they shouldn't, other family stuff.

The next day we had a quick walk about town in the morning, finding it very quite, before heading to Hay on Wye, the town that is filled with bookshops and antiques. We had a good walk about Hay, picked up a few books for myself and Sam (I found 7 copies of Chung Kuo, book 1, trade edition). Hay is quite picturesque however it does get busy during the festival.

That Saturday night we met up with my mate Dave, an old roleplay buddy, and went for a few drinks at the more easy going pubs in Kington. Basically catching up on all the gossip. It just seems the town is falling apart.

Sunday we went for a walk, indulged in more of the chocolate cake my mum makes, and then just watched films and played scrabble. Of course we had missed going to my grandmothers that day but it seemed like everyone was there. Plus it was there where my Dad got asked by one of his sisters "How are the kids?", and he replied "Well I don't think of them as kids, but they are ok".

Overall it was very relaxing, and it's just great seeing my Mum and Sam get along and talk about things. In some respects they're quite similar.

Photos here

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Bugger... slept too long. Up last night, after watching Apocalypto with [profile] biomechanina, which is an ace film by the way, quite shocking, I was working on a character sheet to go with my short story. I have one more level to apply to the character, though it has made me quicker at doing this for D20, but it doesn't mean I like it.

Today should be pretty good as I have rerun some data for my paper, got into a new field of research that is about the classification of bonds by using quantum mechanical descriptors (yes were in giant killing territory again), and later off to the pub for [profile] couchetard's birthday. And then all again tomorrow and off to Lash.

Earlier in the week nothing much other than going to Geek Up with [profile] cyberai_dan.

Also started reading Bloodtide by Melvin Burgess, and Chung Kuo by David Wingrove. Both different so as not to confuse me while reading both.

Picture time.

Based off a conversation last night and a piss take on Time Trumpet is bring you insurgents.

As Americans (well that's a bit harsh... lets say the administration) like to call terrorists...... terrist!

Well here I bring you terrierists!!!!

Woof woof, bang bang, oh fuck your dead!

++Oh edit++

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