Feb. 3rd, 2008 12:02 pm
dr_ether: (cronos)
Ok so I may as well direct you to glittersavvy's journal for the full round up of the week and the photos that we took.

So I'll just add my views about it all.

Well first off Venice may well be cold in January but it is not some wet cold, it is dry and bracing, even invigorating. We certainly got a lot of exercise walking about, our eyes always drawn upwards to take in the decaying apartments and the looming churches. It can only be described as some glorious decaying world of decadence, a city lost in time and space invaded by foreigners. But it also one of the most exciting and relaxing cities I have been too, a true gothic blend of beauty and decay.

Getting around was OK though often we got lost as we turned down another similar looking narrow street, balconies over looking and washing hanging out to dry. The vapourettos, the water bus, was amusing and an easy way of traveling from one end of the city to the other.

Fittingly Venice also has a number of museums and galleries  that have treasures from all around the world and hark back to the Venetian tradition of sailing.

The ball it self was amazing. The costumes were stunning, the music adding to the decadence of the evening, the food was luxurious, and we even had an opera singer while we were eating. Not that even with all this great food the Italians serve small portions allowing you to enjoy the meal, not gorge yourself. This of course was mirrored when we went for tea at the Florian.

The one other signature of Venice are all the hidden pieces of art and shrines that lurk on buildings, some not really noticeable until night has set in and the streets have emptied of the daytrippers.

In the end it was a perfect holiday, with a quick excursion out to Verona to take in some more of Italy. It was a nice way of enjoying my 25 birthday in full after the puerile fun of the meal at Negresco on the 25th.

It now seems Venice will be something of a annual trip, and it will be nice to be in the position to go twice a year during Carnival (and the sales) and also during the summer when we can enjoy the beaches of the Lido.

Well now I'm back, and work beckons. It's doesn't seem to bad going back now that I have the proof of my first paper and also the second one has been sent off. I have a third to start and I can now happily begin on my thesis write up. It seems that this trip to Venice has acted as a milestone for a number of things.

So go enjoy the pictures here

And the rest of the details here


Jan. 25th, 2008 04:00 pm
dr_ether: (victorian)
Here I am, 4pm at work waiting for a final meeting before I go home and finish getting ready for Venice. It's only just sinking in that for almost a whole week I will be in one of the most amazing cities in Europe and going to a masquerade ball as part of the carnival.

I've tried on my outfit, and it all looks good, sort of Sharpe-meets-goth-meets-Dune. I've yet to see glittersavvy in her costume.

Well for those of you that I haven't seen recently I hope you take care and I'll see you in a weeks time, with pretty pictures to boot.

Oh and the 4'oclock ep by Emilie Autumn is great, there is a dance floor remix of Swallow on it.

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