Jul. 20th, 2009 08:22 pm
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So after graduation on the Friday Sam and myself attempted to organise friends to meetup during the day on the Saturday and on the Sunday. It was good to have a walk about Manchester and meet up with Alan before we went to fetch Sam who was just having her hair cut (as some of you may have seen the awesome result). Soon after we headed for coffee and had a chance to see Mel and Johnny before they headed off to a friends party. In the evening we then went to SocioRehab for a redux on mine and Sam's first date. Of course it was a little noisy there, but the cocktails were good, so long as you can remember what you like since there were no menus at all!

On the Sunday we had the pleasure of meeting up with Gillian and Aidan and Alan for coffee and cake in Kro Bar, before seeing Sam's brother playing at Trof that evening. Sam's brother, Daniel, is amazing at guitar, technically brilliant. But then most of the people performing that night (open mic night) were all good.

Well now we're back in Leamington. I guess I am lucky to have seen who I did, and I am grateful that some people can seem to make time to meetup, even for just a coffee. It's just a shame that even with plenty of notice that even an entire graduation weekend is a problem to sort anything out for, let alone the handfasting. I guess I can take a hint that either myself, Sam or both are not worth the consideration. I mean next time we were planning to be up in Manchester next would be for Sam's birthday, it now seems to not be worth the effort.

"A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out."  ~Grace Pulpit

How true.

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So as you may or may not be aware myself and Sam took a trip down to London to see Alec Empire and Modulate on the Friday. Arriving in the afternoon we made our way to Dan's work in the BBC offices near Euston and dopped off our bags before going for a walk about London. Later we then headed up to Camden and found Stacey and made our way to the venue, Underworld. As we lurked about there we met some of Stacey's friends from the big electronic pooch (Cyberdog) and soon enough were joined by Geoff and Rhys after their own journey down from the 'norf'.

The gig was really great, with this being the first I had seen Modulate live since Geoff played in TV21 about 2 years ago. I wasn't too bothered by the band up first, but Modulate really did get the night going, or course 'Skullfuck' being the song that just energised the crowd. Following them, Alec Empire was as expected and still excellent live, playing a large amount of new material, adding a new twist to 'On Fire' to make it very funky, and ending the night with some old ATR since it was the 1st of May. Of course myself and Sam are not really built for being amongst the pile of punks there flipping out to the ATR tracks. However, it was great to hear it live since I never had the chance to see ATR live and had been a fan since 1998.

After the gig, and with Dan now with us, we went for a walk about Soho, and ended up in Leicester square at the Hagan Daas ice cream palor (epic!)

The next day. after a good nights sleep at Dan's place we went looking for food and got shown Muswell Hill. I have to say it seemed like a great area to live in. We had a vey nice brunch and then headed into the city centre, ending up in Covent Garden after a good walk up and down fleet street and a walk round a few shops, and trading in Sam's empty makeup for some listicks, visiting Coco de Mer, and then goign for cake with Dan and Stacey.

The rest of the afternoon was something more of stroll about the centre of London and ending up in Hamley's (the giant toy store of doom!!!).

The afternoon turned to evening and we then headed in the direction of Shoreditch where we had dinner, wine and sat outside under some heaters in the evening air. The food was quite great, including chicken wings and roasted sweet potatoes. THe next stop on the list was The Last Days of Decadence, a great cocktail bar themed around the days of prohibition. A good time was had here as we order drinks that either took ages to make or the bar staff didn't remember how to make.

This weekened was a rather quieter affair with myself and Sam meeting up for drinks with James and his friends and then going out for a meal at Prezzo on Saturday and playing Zertz some more (I am just about getting my eye in with this game).

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