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So this week I have been have great fun coding up a optimization algorithm that makes use of Genetic Algorithms. The result will be a code that works out all the parameters for me automatically. This is rather big improvement on how it is normall done i.e. making the changes by hand in a very tedious fashion. So things are looking good for the next week when all of this falls into place and the last 6 months will finally spawn some results.
Also this week I have booked myself in for my graduation ceremony, the 17th of July at the Whitworth hall. The colours of my gown will be something like this.

So yes black floppy hat! Otherwise the rest of the week has been very good. Great weather, the hamsters making themselves at home, and of this week there has been a conference at the uni on the subject of Molecular Dynamics. This has meant that I have had the joy of talking to Matt who still works in Manchester in the Popelier group, and who inherits my old work, and Dr Richard Henchman, who gave me a good reference for my current job! This has meant some good conversation, some new ideas, and a bit of a tour about the uni.
Otherwise, last night was the end of story 1 of Unhallowed Metropolis, and I have learnt that I need to make the setting more dangerous. Next time I'll push them all to the very bitter end.
Today I met up with Sam who was having fun in the park with her friends, many of whom are final year students at the uni, and then going for a cheap dinner at Prezzo with James and some of his frineds from work etc.
This weakend should be some fun as we have a bit of a bbq/piss up at Prof Rob Deeth's place to celebrate 1) Rob getting promoted 2) Me getting my PhD 3) one of Rob's PhD students passing his PhD 4) and a whole load of other good reasons.

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So yes [livejournal.com profile] glittersavvy  and myself have seen the Dark Knight twice. Epic. I'm sure MOST of you have seen it by now. We do plan to see it once more before it's out of the cinema (oh dear IMAX only screenings ;_;)

Lysa stayed over towards the end of July and during August which was good as it allowed Sam to have some fun, and so while I went off to a conference in Edinburgh they went down to London.

It was good to see everyone out for Luke and Michelle's wedding reception and I was coerced into dancing with Sam to the Timewarp. 'TIMEWARP!' - Tim Beasley

We've also been out to see the new Mummy film. Nice visually but the Yetis... oh for the love of god the fucking Yetis! I shall say no more.

We also picked up a copy of REC which if you haven't seen is a great little spanish horror. Very disturbing to the end. Well filmed and really takes the 'reality horror' genre to a new level. Oh and did I say I hate screaming granny like monster throat biting things???

Oh did I say my hair is white again? Go see Sam's/[livejournal.com profile] glittersavvy 's LJ for evidence

The conference. Well those of you who don't know the Faraday Discussions (this one was on the topic of water at interfaces) are very different to others. We get all the papers before the conference and the speakers only have 5 mins to present their work. After that they have a grueling 15 minutes of questions where their work is praised/torn apart by their peers. Needless to say it was quite interesting to learn what the state of the art is in simulations of water and has led to me outlining a project proposal and feelign quite confident about my own work and where it can lead to. My poster was recieved well and quite a few people realised the novelty of it.

Coming back I was welcomed with a nice new top that Sam got for me while I was away. It was hard no being with Sam for just those few days but I was happier knowing she at least had soem company and that she was having a lot more fun that me sat in a lecture hall dosing up on coffee.

Next film on the list of things we have seen was 'The Duchess'. Good period drama, great sets and costumes. Even quite funny in places. Oh except for the fucking harlots that were talking all the way through it sat behind us.

More importantly was Sam's 23 birthday. I think I did well on the presents this year as they are all quite personal or deeply desired. Some Dior perfume that she has been pining for ages and two awesome pictures on canvas. One a montage of Heath/Joker. We has also been out to get birthday cake and bits for a bit of a party for after the meal at Felicini's.

However no matter my efforts the birthday weekend seemed a bit blah. It's upset Sam and myself somewhat. Birthday candles seemed a bit pointless in the end. Thank you to Donda and Phil for coming round though.

Recently work has been getting crazy. I official have no more funding and really can only afford to carry on until the end of October meaning papers are being written and a thesis is being pulled together. It's kinda weird but I am amazed that I have met my objectives of my PhD... just need a job now. Time at evenings and weekends are getting channeled to get this finished.

The plans for the wedding are set and invites for the handfasting/blessing/reception have been given out. I have my outfit for Venice and Sam's should be arriving soon. I do hope everyone who has been invited can make it.

On another note hopefully I should get to see the photo's from Sam's new photo shoot with Rob. There are already 2 up on his website and 2 others which are cut downs of the main one (one in the slide show banner and the other on the faq page I think). Can't wait to see her in the wedding dress now!
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Well after the fun of Saturday i took the time to meet up with [profile] cyberai_dan and have a good chat and feast on some of the best pizza I've had. Plus I now have the zombie DVD.


Day 4, Sunday, was the Windsor trip. Many a picture was taken, wishing I had a castle, lots of reading and walking and listening to the guides and of course looking at all the excellent weaponary, art, armour (henry VIII was a fatboy) and chatting to science guys. Much fun.

Yesterday was long and caught two great presentations that were really close to the work going in my group so I was happy to be not falling asleep during the talks for once.

Then today I made it in for a talk by Walter Kohn and his talk on density functional theory. Again much coffee and food has been consumed.

Leaving the talks early today as the relevance was low. Just another half day to go now and then a nice walk around Camden in the afternoon I thinks.
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Well the poster presentation went well, quite well received and happy that I accepted where our methods have failings (though of course all the methods for what i presented have failings because for the study there is no definite way of defining the measurements, quite the problem). They also liked where we were going with the neural networks and how it treated electrostatics, polarisation and charge transfer in the force field on the same footing.

Today I skipped a few of the first presentations, simply because getting up at 5 and leaving at 9 yesterday took it out of me. However I did catch two great presentations and even asked a few questions!

Right now I'm off back to London and hopefully have a pint some where.

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So arriving in Euston it was then trekking off to my accomodation in Highgate to dump my gear before heading to the Royal Holloway College. So onto the tube it was and then the train. Not much of a hassle other than getting from Egham to the college. It's a bit of a trek so taxis it has been the yesterday. Today I just walked it.

Needless to say the college looks great.  The Royal Holloway looks great. However the building does look older than it is. In fact the building is younger than UMIST. So after the initial reception (where I'm obviously the youngest, though I guess the white hair helps with fitting in :P ), it was some free wine and then back to Highgate.

I was not impressed waiting around for my keys and room as I really needed a shower. :(

Oh and I really wish I knew I didn't need to bring a sleeping bag. Would have saved me the effort. Oh well.

So today was a 5am start, arriving just in time for breakfast. Oh yeah they actually do proper food unlike the shite I've had at previous conferences.

The presentations so far are very heavy on the quantum mechanics, most way beyond my comprehension. Most dabble in modifying the programs that I simply use. However it's nice to see where the state of art is at so that it may in the future be useful to my sort of work.

The rest of the evening is dinner and then the poster presentation, which I'll have to leave early if I want to get back to my halls to get some sleep.

Caffine has been my friend. Good old Guarana!!!

Pictures are taken and so will be uploaded when I get back. Also Windsor Castle on Sunday which should be fun.

Maybe I will have some comments on some of the presentations where the presentor is a) not crap b) doing work more related to my field.

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Heading off to London this morning for my conference.

I'll see you all again after Thursday unless you happened to be in London, in which case I'll have some time Wednesday afternoon.

Until then...

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