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Wow what a week so far. I feel like a tampura prawn... all frazzled and crunchy.

So whats been going on you may ask (or not...sigh... hard crowd to please).

Well the last few days in labs have been good, no better than good, lets say it's been a culmination of things well over due and finally there are signs that things are on the way to the ultimate goals.

Basically yesterday the computer churned out the numbers and god damn their nice. The theory seems sound and the predictions really nice. All the numbers and files and computations have given me some great stuff to put in my paper. There is still one thing left to sort out due to a well stoopid error I made but then thats what you get when you deal with vast amounts of data manually. Oh well seems Mike has premptively hit on the same idea as I had and those errors should not happen again.

Silly fucking human. remember guys.... KIBO.

So things are also ready for my presentation on Friday, just going through a few papers to give the group a quick overview of the theories and the problems (basically some bad ass quantum mechanics and how it can be used to classify chemical bonds, finally removing the ideas that even though being over 100 years old are taught to every undergrad today). Looks like I'm going paradigm killing. Plus it totally fits with my main project, the one I design for my Bsc student, and also the work by Alex in our group (QSAR using quantum mechanical descriptors).

SO yes Friday. 6:30pm, the Big G(C), drink. There is good reason for this all. Presentations and early morning meetings means no proper drinking Thursday night (tonight) or my birthday. Just gotta postpone things a bit.

Ok other news?

Well I finally slogged through writing a D20 character sheet for Etherscope, and wrote the character background for the main protagonist in my short story. So hopefully that should all appear very soon on a shop shelf.

Also finally, after running the game for a good year and a half, have written the last two episodes for the game. Feels like a weight has been taken of my shoulders completing that. It's meant that i can finally gorge myself on some books that have sat unread since the day I bought them. Forward ho!

Right so thats  about a wrap.

Oh this Sat i know most of you lot are off to Wendyhouse, and I will be there so much merriment is to be had.

Finally next Sat is my trek to London with others for a proper birthday outing (seems quite a few are going down that weekend with the same plan).

Oh and Chung Kuo.... read it... live it.... begin!

Yeah that looks like the lot.
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Right well here's an update... been a while since the last.

Whats happened then.

Errmmm..... ok so we had [profile] couchetard's birthday on Thursday with an amusing trip to Rock World where we basically just watched the loveliest chinese girl dance (FULL ON CHUNG KUO!), followed by Friday at the Rampant Lion where [profile] couchetardhad her birthday party. Many others attended though I only stayed long enough to give the birthdya girl her present before making tracks to Club Lash with [profile] biomechaninaand [profile] trashkitty. My fun was had that evening.

Saturday was one hell of a night of drunken revelry. Things simply got out of control, drink and graf's a plenty. Snow soon fell from the tops of Mount Fuji and a bed got broken. Follow that with a game of Bin Kuo Chung Head and some cylon snow spraying of toxic and sugary proportions, it ended in great amusement.

Ok so this week??? Well there is Wendyhouse coming up and then next week it's brithday time for me!! Crash space in London is being hunted down by the Gladraf's finest merc's, feared across 20 quadrants and 7 star empires.

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