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Sep. 2nd, 2009 02:19 pm
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So this weekend just gone by myself and Sam returned back to Kington, in deepest darkest Herefordshire, to stay at my parents. It's the first time back since we got married. It was an ok journey back, even though the train website suggested a really stupid route. So into Birmingham and then back out was the route. We arrived in Hereford at around 9 so thank the gods mum went shopping for food before hand.

It's now quite different going home. I no longer really feel like I'm treated like a child, something that my Dad reinforced on Sunday.

So of course we had to deal with the normal rant about the town, people doing stuff on the council that they shouldn't, other family stuff.

The next day we had a quick walk about town in the morning, finding it very quite, before heading to Hay on Wye, the town that is filled with bookshops and antiques. We had a good walk about Hay, picked up a few books for myself and Sam (I found 7 copies of Chung Kuo, book 1, trade edition). Hay is quite picturesque however it does get busy during the festival.

That Saturday night we met up with my mate Dave, an old roleplay buddy, and went for a few drinks at the more easy going pubs in Kington. Basically catching up on all the gossip. It just seems the town is falling apart.

Sunday we went for a walk, indulged in more of the chocolate cake my mum makes, and then just watched films and played scrabble. Of course we had missed going to my grandmothers that day but it seemed like everyone was there. Plus it was there where my Dad got asked by one of his sisters "How are the kids?", and he replied "Well I don't think of them as kids, but they are ok".

Overall it was very relaxing, and it's just great seeing my Mum and Sam get along and talk about things. In some respects they're quite similar.

Photos here


Jul. 18th, 2009 08:36 pm
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So on Friday was graduation and so myself and Sam and my parents were staying over at Sam's mother's home in Manchester. Of course it has been all the fun of having family all in one place. On the Firday morning we were all up and headed into Manchester to the Whitworth Hall where graduation takes place for the University of Manchester. I headed off to get my robes (see above) and so everyone else waited about and after abit my sister, the other Dr Handley, turned up. I had enough tickets for 4 people, so my sister was lucky enough to get another and was able to take a seat in the hall. Of course the entire affair was long. I had to be in the hall 40 mins early to make sure that everyone was ticked off on the lists. My family then took their seats and the hall filled up to the music of the organ. Prof Gaskell was overseeing the entire ceremony, and for him it was his last as he is now to be head of another university. After some time it was my time to walk up on stage, to which I made out some one shouting out well done. This was Sam's mum, though I missed Sam calling out 'I love you!', as there was lots of clapping going on. So after about 30 mins of nonstop calpping we left, floppy cap on heads, and headed off to the reception of champagne and strawberries and then onwards to meet up with Geoff, Tofu and Nix's. The evening was spent in Dough where we had a chance to meet up with Daniel, Sam's brother, the first time since we had seen him at the wedding in Venice.

Today Sam had her hair cut into a nice new edgy fashion, while I went for a walk , popping into shops to see old friends before meeting up with Alan, Mel and Johnny.

Tonight is going to be a redux on mine Sam's first date, and then seeing who else wants to have drink.

More pictures here

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