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Wow.... 4 months to go and I'm married! It's actually not that scary. Getting a job sorted for the new year is though.

Currently I have a few options. A programming job in West Berkshire is possible, I have to see if I can get it. Then on the 21st I have an interview for a postdoc in Essex. Yep that would mean leaving Manchester but for almost tripling my pay. Let me think. YES! Also I have postdoc applications to hear from in Venice/Padua (Yes you read that right!), Warwick, Paris and of course getting the funding for the postdoc here in Manchester. Ultimately the one in Manchester is ideal (better money and not having to move) but in all honesty all the postdocs have their advantages.

In other news, Mirrors is an awesome film. Very spooky and one scene will have you fearing the bathroom. You never know who's watching!

My wedding outfit has arrived and is currently being altered to fit better! Sam has hers and well it's gorgeous.

Halloween was spent watching quite a bit of Burlesque and going to rockworld. Mr J didn't play this year since there were too many wannabes out there. So Mr Todd was the costume of choice this year, while Sam was a divine Mrs Lovett.

We also followed this up with Sunday's Carnival Divine and this weekend watching people almost set on fire at [livejournal.com profile] trashkitty 's bonfire night party.

Right well back to work for me!

Pics from Halloween. Grabbed from [livejournal.com profile] glittersavvy 's lj.

More pictures! )
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Ok not the Whitby post but instead my halloween first!

Thanks to mr [profile] chrisptofu for these shots... more to come

[profile] glittersavvy got first prize for the costume.... hurrah!!!

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