Jan. 25th, 2008 04:00 pm
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Here I am, 4pm at work waiting for a final meeting before I go home and finish getting ready for Venice. It's only just sinking in that for almost a whole week I will be in one of the most amazing cities in Europe and going to a masquerade ball as part of the carnival.

I've tried on my outfit, and it all looks good, sort of Sharpe-meets-goth-meets-Dune. I've yet to see glittersavvy in her costume.

Well for those of you that I haven't seen recently I hope you take care and I'll see you in a weeks time, with pretty pictures to boot.

Oh and the 4'oclock ep by Emilie Autumn is great, there is a dance floor remix of Swallow on it.

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Bit of an update I thinks!

So Thursday.... umm nowt as far as I can remember... Friday was quiet as I had no meeting.

Friday evening [ profile] glittersavvy came round to mine and we began to watch Casshern and munch on nummy Hotel Chocolate (ftw!!!).

Saturday morning was my screen acting debut as Leo in the Zombie film. All went well with some funny adlibs by myself and Kieren (also seen in Cyberdog), a few good out takes, excellent zombies in the form of Nick, Neil (bouncer at TV21 and one scary butch zombie!), [ profile] biomechanina's mother as the office zombie and Dagmara as another student zombie. All great in makeup by [ profile] biomechanina great skills.

Later on was mooching, black pearl tea in china town, loitering in Cyberdog, home, TV21's with [ profile] ginja_ninja and Viki and Viki's friend Vanessa, [ profile] daisydoggy and her minion [ profile] es0terika, [ profile] neuromantix, [ profile] mod (all going prime!), [ profile] robo_kitchen (in microwave mode) and my dear [ profile] glittersavvy.

Fun continued into the wee hours... but that is for another post.

Sunday.... monging and reading.

Today so far??? Lit meeting, chat with Paul (drunk on ether) Popelier, ordering my MSc student round, coding and finishing the paper (it is done... now need to edit it).


Oh and ordered new Plastik Wrap goodness.

The world is in balance....

now do something crazy ya' bastards! It'll make you feel better

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