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Got your attention now I hope!

Aye, so moving was all done on Monday. More moving was done on Thursday as we helped the [profile] ginja_ninja and Vicky (Vinge and Gicky). My sinus' have suffered uber pain this entire week. Spent Wednesday night roleplaying as normal. Extra madness included what with [profile] es0terika slowly clawing his way out of his stuff after his move. Thursday was also getting the landline set up. It'll be passed on as and when it's required. Needless to say it's a classic number of historical magnitude.

Friday was drinks with [profile] cyberai_dan as he had his last day in Manc before his move to London, followed by me marching to [profile] glittersavvy's place.

Sat morning we headed back to mine, I then had to put together my new canvas wardrobe, the room being then decorated very oriental after a brief shopping spree in town. Needs more stuff though but is looking good.

Then of course last night was the Mechanical Cabaret gig, where they supported Front Line Assembly. I had no care for the other act The Judas Coven. Far to monotonous.

Roi was an excellent stage act, utterly camp and molesting his band mates gear on stage while dropping into the crowd and being generally a total fiend.

Pictures!!! Thanks to [profile] glittersavvy and her camera of DOOOOM!!!

++++++ Ether nominal ++++++
+++ Electrodes full blown +++
+++++++ Signing Off+++++++
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Ok so the move is now all over for me. I am totally tired from it all. Monday saw myself, [profile] robo_kitchen, [profile] daisydoggy, [profile] es0terika and [profile] neuromantix move home to our new flats, with  the others now in Fallowfield and myself now near Victoria Park living with [profile] couchetard. Later this afternoon is helping Viki and [profile] ginja_ninja move house, plus waiting for BT to be reconnected at the flat. So my time will also be spent on cleaning, removing random junk and generally making myself at home at last.

My room has quite orange walls. But after a bit of a hunt yesterday I now have some nice new bed sheets and plan to go to china town on Saturday to get more chinese things with dragons on them.

Also Saturday is the FLA and Mechanical Cabaret gig, followed by Sin City. Taking my dear [profile] glittersavvy with me so it lots of fun should be had.

All in all not much more has been happening, just feeling somewhat tired from it all, though it nice to have a more comfortable bed.

Also Saturday will see me tackle some flat pack stuff as I get a new wardrobe.

Right I really should get some work done.

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