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So once more it has bee a few weeks since my last update. Where to begin.

Well London for Sam's birthday was great fun after the disappointing weekend before. We trekked down to London ad made our way to our hotel for the next two nights and got ready to go see phantom of the opera. Of course the performance was amazing, and as my first time it was well worth it. The film is one thing but to see it live was epic and I was really glad to have a chance to see it. In particular the tricks used to make use of the space were impressive. Sam has a better summary here.

On wednesday we moved to other end of London to stay with our friend Rachel who we met two years back in Venice. We had the joy of meetig her and her then boyfriend at the masked ball we attended, and so it was good to catch up with her two years on now that Sam and myself are married. I then spent the next few days writing while Sam attended her classes. I was starting to put together the story that I woud be running for freshers week roleplay society.

We also made time to meet up with Dan, and headed to Brick Lane and ended up at a nice little bar that served the best cocktails. Of course Dan and myself descended into gentlemanly banter and discussion. Brick Lane by the way is hipster central save for the bar we ended up in.

I returned back on the Sunday ready for work, and over the last few weeks have finished of my literature review and it should be submitted soon. Otherwise work has been good, slow, but gettig there, and I think the end is in sight for my next paper. Just have a few more simulations to do and then that should wrap up the first one and setup the next paper (same thing alterative method).

Otherwise the roleplay group has seen the sad loss of our good friend James, as he moves back home with the end of his contract to his job here, and the group gaining two new players, James and Izzy. So far the Vampire chronicle has been progressing well, and I think I have already surpassed my last efforts in running it.

Also on the rp front I have had the joy of running a new World of Darkness mortals game for freshers week, which I hope to submit to white wolf as a example of my writing. Also I have a chance of getting a credit in a new rp as I made some useful ideas and contributions to the game!

Plans for the future. Well halloween will be spent in London with my old PhD collegue Mike, and Sam will have her last two modules and we will go to Club Antichrist. Otherwise we should be up in Manchester closer to Xmas, and we have a gift voucher for use on gig tickets... maybe go to Alec Empire supported by Mechanical Cabaret?

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Wow where does time go.... that arrow, vector, through space time, piercing the fabric of space. About this time 4 years back I officially started my PhD. That means 4 years back I had finished my degree. It was also at this time that I was the best part of a year out of a long term relationship that had last through my undergrad days. My depression after this almost led me to fail my degree. It was at about this time that I was rediscovering myself and got into the goth scene. My music tastes had grown and caught up with me. I knew that this was a chance to be the person I was going to be for the rest of my years. The person I wanted to be, not the one I had to be previously. And of course even then 4 years ago I did not realise that I would meet so many more friends and of course evetually find Samantha and marry her.

Well this weekend has been a bit mad as Sam has dealt with her fears and anxiety of going to London on her own for her course. I can tell you that she has been having really good fun and learnt a lot. Meanwhile I have almost finished my first paper at Warwick and also got good feedback from the draft of my 6th paper for Manchester. SO it looks like I could get 5 papers done this year and still have about 3 papers to hear from in Manchester (my work is being used to churn out results so I just get to write some bits for it and get my name on it).

This week also see's my rp group expand as I may loose one player very soon. It will be a shame to loose James as he has brought a lot of life to the games and is a clever man and good friend.

Of course this weekend see's myself and Sam in Manchester for her birthday, going to Wendy House, and then the week after being in London to go and see Phantom of the Opera and other brithday fun and of course more module courses for Sam.

Oh and if you haven't seen Dorian Gray then go and see it. It was great. Very dark, gothic, and well executed.

Oh and my newer laptopn runs Dawn of War well so finally I get my wargame fix without having to buy and paint expensive plastic.

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