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Well after the fun of Saturday i took the time to meet up with [profile] cyberai_dan and have a good chat and feast on some of the best pizza I've had. Plus I now have the zombie DVD.


Day 4, Sunday, was the Windsor trip. Many a picture was taken, wishing I had a castle, lots of reading and walking and listening to the guides and of course looking at all the excellent weaponary, art, armour (henry VIII was a fatboy) and chatting to science guys. Much fun.

Yesterday was long and caught two great presentations that were really close to the work going in my group so I was happy to be not falling asleep during the talks for once.

Then today I made it in for a talk by Walter Kohn and his talk on density functional theory. Again much coffee and food has been consumed.

Leaving the talks early today as the relevance was low. Just another half day to go now and then a nice walk around Camden in the afternoon I thinks.
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So arriving in Euston it was then trekking off to my accomodation in Highgate to dump my gear before heading to the Royal Holloway College. So onto the tube it was and then the train. Not much of a hassle other than getting from Egham to the college. It's a bit of a trek so taxis it has been the yesterday. Today I just walked it.

Needless to say the college looks great.  The Royal Holloway looks great. However the building does look older than it is. In fact the building is younger than UMIST. So after the initial reception (where I'm obviously the youngest, though I guess the white hair helps with fitting in :P ), it was some free wine and then back to Highgate.

I was not impressed waiting around for my keys and room as I really needed a shower. :(

Oh and I really wish I knew I didn't need to bring a sleeping bag. Would have saved me the effort. Oh well.

So today was a 5am start, arriving just in time for breakfast. Oh yeah they actually do proper food unlike the shite I've had at previous conferences.

The presentations so far are very heavy on the quantum mechanics, most way beyond my comprehension. Most dabble in modifying the programs that I simply use. However it's nice to see where the state of art is at so that it may in the future be useful to my sort of work.

The rest of the evening is dinner and then the poster presentation, which I'll have to leave early if I want to get back to my halls to get some sleep.

Caffine has been my friend. Good old Guarana!!!

Pictures are taken and so will be uploaded when I get back. Also Windsor Castle on Sunday which should be fun.

Maybe I will have some comments on some of the presentations where the presentor is a) not crap b) doing work more related to my field.

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