Feb. 11th, 2010 10:19 am
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Well since last time I posted a real update my dear wife [livejournal.com profile] glittersavvy has been busy with her new job at the uni and we have had the pleasure of being able to spend more time together. It also means the future is somewhat more exciting as we can afford to go on holiday etc, the first of which is for our 1 year anniversary of being married, and we are going to York for a few days next weekend. IT should be really good fun as we will also get a chance to see Nix and Tofu.

On the work front I am still coding away, getting nearer to that first Warwick paper, while also working hard on my first research proposal, and preparing for applying to EPSRC for more funding. I have also been getting a few chances to do some teaching, only helping in tutorials, but it is all good fun.

But I have now been able to sign off on my literature review paper. I have seen the final cover proof of the journal, and it will appear in print on March 18th in JPCA. I also have news that another paper is being put together based on my work at Manchester. This would bring papers from my PhD to 8. And this one would be the fucking icing on the cake as the models I developed are applied to long timescale simulations to obtain macroscopic water properties. Quite good timing considering the cover article on New Scientist this week.

IN other news roleplay for this year has been restarted, and the chronicle now nears the first major event. Setting shaking stuff. All this is on [livejournal.com profile] etheric_labs 

Otherwise we have had the pleasure of having James M stay over for the weekend, [info][livejournal.com profile] glittersavvy  appears in photobook by [livejournal.com profile] aiko273. It's called The Orpheum Circuit. Aiko is extremely talented and the book looks stunning. Maybe some of you might consider buying a copy? You can do so here, as well as preview the book: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1147613

Add to that her nice new hair which I love!

So all in all not a bad few weeks!
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So this is what the cover of the journal will look like with my cover image... hoorah!!

The work in the paper is based upon my PhD project, a literature review.

Here is the abstract:

Potential Energy Surfaces Fitted by Artificial Neural Networks

Chris M. Handley, and Paul L.A. Popelier*

Molecular Mechanics is the tool of choice for the modelling of systems that are so large or complex that it is impractical or impossible to model them by ab initio methods. For this reason there is a need for accurate potentials that are able to quickly reproduce ab initio quality results at the fraction of the cost. The interactions within force fields are represented by a number of functions. Some interactions are well understood and can be represented by simple mathematical functions while others are not so well understood and their functional form is represented in a simplistic manner or not even known. In the last 20 years there have been the first examples of a new design ethic, where novel and contemporary methods using machine learning, in particular artificial neural networks, have been used to find the nature of the underlying functions of a force field. Here we appraise what has been achieved over this time and what requires further improvements, while offering some insight and guidance for the development of future force fields.
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So the good news is that the image I submitted to go with my paper, and to be in the table of contents of the journal, well it is now going to be the image on the front cover of the journal!!! EPIC!!!!

Also my ugly mug will appear in the journal. I may have to by a hard copy for myself.
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Wow what a week so far. I feel like a tampura prawn... all frazzled and crunchy.

So whats been going on you may ask (or not...sigh... hard crowd to please).

Well the last few days in labs have been good, no better than good, lets say it's been a culmination of things well over due and finally there are signs that things are on the way to the ultimate goals.

Basically yesterday the computer churned out the numbers and god damn their nice. The theory seems sound and the predictions really nice. All the numbers and files and computations have given me some great stuff to put in my paper. There is still one thing left to sort out due to a well stoopid error I made but then thats what you get when you deal with vast amounts of data manually. Oh well seems Mike has premptively hit on the same idea as I had and those errors should not happen again.

Silly fucking human. remember guys.... KIBO.

So things are also ready for my presentation on Friday, just going through a few papers to give the group a quick overview of the theories and the problems (basically some bad ass quantum mechanics and how it can be used to classify chemical bonds, finally removing the ideas that even though being over 100 years old are taught to every undergrad today). Looks like I'm going paradigm killing. Plus it totally fits with my main project, the one I design for my Bsc student, and also the work by Alex in our group (QSAR using quantum mechanical descriptors).

SO yes Friday. 6:30pm, the Big G(C), drink. There is good reason for this all. Presentations and early morning meetings means no proper drinking Thursday night (tonight) or my birthday. Just gotta postpone things a bit.

Ok other news?

Well I finally slogged through writing a D20 character sheet for Etherscope, and wrote the character background for the main protagonist in my short story. So hopefully that should all appear very soon on a shop shelf.

Also finally, after running the game for a good year and a half, have written the last two episodes for the game. Feels like a weight has been taken of my shoulders completing that. It's meant that i can finally gorge myself on some books that have sat unread since the day I bought them. Forward ho!

Right so thats  about a wrap.

Oh this Sat i know most of you lot are off to Wendyhouse, and I will be there so much merriment is to be had.

Finally next Sat is my trek to London with others for a proper birthday outing (seems quite a few are going down that weekend with the same plan).

Oh and Chung Kuo.... read it... live it.... begin!

Yeah that looks like the lot.
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I shouldn't complain that much... I am writing stuff for it... but still my strength is not sitting about making NPC's for it...it takes too long!

But it done now and the character, Gyre, is ready.

Phew.... so thats a short story (not that short a story), the background for Gyre and his stats done. Next??

Well I still have a Vampire game to finish off.... at last I can focus on just puttin dots on a sheet, oh and working on the next article to write... hmmmmmm... I still have those books on victorian society to read through..... damn more books to read. O.O

Oh and work has been sweet today. Very good. The force field may actually work (force field meaning molecular model... not the start trek type). It really does pump out some nice numbers. Time to get those into the paper.

Oh and another attempt at a meal from my Wagamama cook book. Was very yummy.

Right I need a graf, tea and to just sit and read.

Oh and just because I love this image

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