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So yes Thursday evening was spent watching Sunshine, and it's seems everyday since then telling everyone I know to go and see it.

Friday was Noizetek. It was goo dto hear some live music in the form of Leechwoman, and things did pickup toward the end for Hypnoskull. Though it was amusing how all the chav like muppets disappeared at the site of some actual guitars.

Saturday was spending the time to enjoy some good weather at last, while not being totally broken from a night before and so missing the daylight hours. Meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] glittersavvy we had a good mooch about Afflecks. To be honest not much in the shops caught my eye, though I have ordered a few things online. Our random meanderings continued on into town, looking at gadgets and the like.

The evening was of course a bbq, the honours performed by Phil as normal, with attendies in the form of Viki, [livejournal.com profile] ginja_ninja, [livejournal.com profile] cyberai_dan, [livejournal.com profile] es0terika and [livejournal.com profile] daisydoggy, Viki's brother Paul, Luke and Michele. Much a roasting of meats was done and alcohol drunk. Of course this continued on into the mad hours, and umbongo reared it's head again.

Blame Mod

So currently trying to get a bit more done to the poster and watching A Clockwork Orange among other things.
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Most of the week has been catching up on some work for a paper and for my soon to come poster presentation in Birmingham.

Thursday was Barbecue and some random fun.


Oh and the esure advert

Friday was a bit of drinking and working on ideas for the Zombie short and a jaunt to Rock World.

Saturday was pretty fun, meeting up with the regular Sin crowd for Amanda's birthday before heading back to Tofu's for the after party, which consisted of some excellent brandy, eyeliner graffiti and much ranting.

Today of course consisted of frak all as I slept of the long weekend, with tomorrow more than likely being quite quiet, with the next week being full steam ahead on some work.... so I guess I just may well go to work tomorrow and make an early start on some stuff.

Anything else... I guess not. Other than script writing, nabbing some photos to continue my ebook.

Oh and if anyone wants to open a club we spotted a great venue... however it's a bit out of the way but it did look like the right cyber venue.

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