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See the video so far here!!

Whoo and hooo!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the best test pics from the make tests last night.

Make up by the excellent [profile] biomechanina

And my arm looking a little worse for wear.


May. 19th, 2007 12:05 pm
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So this week has gotten better toward the end of the week.

Generally been a bit up and down working on this paper waiting and resubmitting data. Yawn. However the graphs are now taking proper form and a better picture of the results is forming.

However Thursday did see me totally forget a literature meeting and getting an bitchy email of my supervisor, however there was only so much blame I was going to take for missing it as these meetings had been jumping around the weeks rather than being on the normal friday slot.

The semi kick up the arse has been good for motivation though. When it's just you looking after your work it can get a bit tedious.

However the rest of this weekend is set to be good. Last night was 28 Weeks Later with [profile] glittersavvy. Uber scary, well i guess so if your that type (I'm certainly not and only flinched once, and instead just looked on in awe at the madness).
Tonight is a wedding reception with the good lady and then onto TV21 to meet with the binsraad, followed with Monday being the Manga night at TV21.

Add to that the great new cds of Emilie Autumn I ordered (got the Laced/Unlaced album.... pure violins) now just order the first album.

More than likely will get the ep's as well.

Picture time.

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Most of the week has been catching up on some work for a paper and for my soon to come poster presentation in Birmingham.

Thursday was Barbecue and some random fun.


Oh and the esure advert

Friday was a bit of drinking and working on ideas for the Zombie short and a jaunt to Rock World.

Saturday was pretty fun, meeting up with the regular Sin crowd for Amanda's birthday before heading back to Tofu's for the after party, which consisted of some excellent brandy, eyeliner graffiti and much ranting.

Today of course consisted of frak all as I slept of the long weekend, with tomorrow more than likely being quite quiet, with the next week being full steam ahead on some work.... so I guess I just may well go to work tomorrow and make an early start on some stuff.

Anything else... I guess not. Other than script writing, nabbing some photos to continue my ebook.

Oh and if anyone wants to open a club we spotted a great venue... however it's a bit out of the way but it did look like the right cyber venue.

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