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dr_ether ([personal profile] dr_ether) wrote2010-05-25 10:40 am

I know I'm a nerd but you don't have to be condescending

So I was quite surprised by something recently. It was when speaking to another about my work, explaing to them what it was and why it was relevant to the every day person, and then something about my interests. In return I was met with a very dismissive attitude. Now I know to many I am a nerd, but to be met with such a repeated treatment, with such words like 'aw bless' over again and again, well it stops being jovial and more like what I did was unimportant or simply a waste of time just because my areq of work is not arty. Why this struck me is because I typically find alternative types to be quite accepting of the sciences as well as the arts. It got further more annoying as they used local lingo and sayings in such a way to make no sense to me while using my lack of understanding as a reason to belittle me. The reason it nnoys me more is that with any ones work I try my best to understand their work and find a common ground. So yeah even people cam be snobbish to scientists.

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