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Since Last Time We Spoke

I will be brief. I have work I should be doing.

Lets us see.

Went to the Stavin' Chains gig in London, which was a crazy/fun night with Kane, and ended up with a late night booking of a hotel room (very nice big bed!!!!). The next day we then were at Aiko's for her house leaving party as she and her house mates finish uni, and so much meat was chargrilled and alcohol consumed.

And of course there was Paris. I really can't write it up better than glittersavvy, suffice to say Paris takes some working out but then when you find what you like about it you finally understand why it is a great place to be. Personally the revelation came during the evening after going to Versailles (which is epic... if you don't understand why then you should be shot for being a pleb) and then walking about the Latin Quarter.

Inside the Paris Opera House

Outside Versailles

Some of the Gardens!

At the Grand Trianon

Out side the Petite Trianon

Of course my spoken French was bollocks. I could say hello, thank you, ask for the bill, but that was all really, and was all that was needed in the end with such a modern city.

Oh and we walked everywhere. From one end of the city centre to the other. It is fairly easy to navigate the main roads, the trick is discovering all those excellent side streets where real shops and bars lurk. The real Paris.

Otherwise I've been writing a little and sorting out funding for the future. Hopefully better news on that soon.

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Very nice. Some time I need to actually visit Paris (or more likely other cities outside of Paris). The major downside of being on this side of the pond is that going anywhere in Europe is bloody expensive.